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Do you hundreds of digital products being launched everyday?

DO you thousands of PLR products being rehashed and sold as new?

I’m sure you have…

It is a proven fact that the conversion rates of digital products have been dropping steadily over the years and is soon to reach a rock bottom. Why? Because people no longer want to read plain, bland and boring pages of text. People want multimedia/tangible products which they could achieve in their collection and refer back to it when needed.

Thus, if you noticed the big launches recently, most gurus are selling physical products.

There are two reasons for this:

1. Physical products have a high perceived value and sell for much higher prices than digital products.
2. Physical products have very low refund rates and almost always keep your customers satisfied!

So how do you sell physical products as easily as digital products without spending hours trying to package, label and ship the products?
Now you can… HOW?

Let me introduce you to DiscMojo, a brand new software that allows you to ship your physical CDs/DVD’s to the doorstep of your customers anywhere around the world. All this can be done in a couple of minutes. This is the only software in the market which comes in software format (rather than a hard-to-use PHP script) which can be setup within minutes.

This software has my highest recommendation because it opens up a new window of opportunity for all those marketers who are looking for a new income stream. In addition, the software comes for a KILLER low price!
If you want to start a highly profitable new income stream within minutes, this software is for you.

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