Just about the most common question I get asked by my subscribers and students is, “what one thing would you say has contributed more than any other to your online success?” Now if we take my awesome brain power out of the equation (LOL!) then the answer is simple…………………….


So what the hell is portal feeder? Simply put it is a monthly internet marketing membership. But as I said that is a very simple answer. So lets dig a little bit deeper with this portal feeder review and discover what you actually get with portalfeeder and why it has been so important to my success. But before I go any further you might want to pop over and get on their notification list

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This membership is so massive that to give you a full review of all its components would be a massive ebook on its own so I’ll give you a quick synopsis of each component and then will add some videos when I get chance.

1. The Software. There is a whole range of software that comes with the portal feeder membership which is continually updated and refined including
Portalfeeder2: The website building software which is like nothing else you or I have ever seen when it comes to building full websites and includes an awesome drip feature to gradually increase the size of your site. This is by no means the only software but is what started the whole PF thing in the first place.

2. PPC Kahuna: This is a new piece of software which gathers, refines and optimizes your keywords whether you want them for ppc or for SEO purposes. This is a stand alone product that recently was sold out in hours after launch and is getting rave reviews all over the net, it comes free with your membership.

3. Traffic Kahuna: Again this is a stand alone product and every time the doors are opened, seel out in hours. As the name suggest this is all about traffic and uses a host of different tools including
Blogfeeder: The Blog Feeder is designed as a single interface for you to post content into a blog network of over 1000 niche specific blogs. Instead of having to surf to each blog and log in individually to make a post, you use th integrated interface to make your post, select the blog topic and categories, and all the posting is done for you.
Web2Coop: This service lets you do tasks on Web 2 properties for others which allows you to earn points so others can do tasks for you. Rate and Favorite a Squidoo lens, Digg a story, vote and comment on a YouTube video – there are over 50 other tasks in the system as well. It is like having your own private army of workers.
ArticleFeeder: The Article Feeder is an article exchange system, where you set your site up to host articles from others, then submit articles into the system. As you host articles from others, your articles are distributed to other’s sites in the system, not reciprocal fashion but as a 3 way link.
Link Exchange: The 3 Way Link exchange works on the same principle as the Article Feeder, except is done with links. There is also a drip feature, so you may start with 5 links today, and grow to 100 links over the course of a month or two. Natural backlink growth, just like the search engines expect!
There are some more components but these are the most important in my eyes and the web2coop has made me tons of cash on its own and is a real powerhouse function.

4. Training: Again this is an ongoing function with constant updates. The most recent training is something called Web2 Mayhem which if sold on its own would be worth hundreds of dollars and is the fastest and easiest way to get tons of traffic to your sites. Another piece of training worth mentioning is the PPC training which again is better than any ppc training I have seen and that includes products costing hundreds of dollars.
Mentor Training: Every month the Portal feeder mentors post training covering a wide range of topics and is really spot on, and tbh the mentors could quite easily sell this trainiing but they provide it to the portalfeeder members free.

5. Lastly the Forum. This is actually my favourite part of portal feeder as it provides a ton of information, tips and guides and not just from the portal feeder staff and mentors but also from other members. This is what I call a “Proper” internet marketing forum as there are no agenda’s, nobody trying to sell you products, nobody forming cliques to push their own products or ideas, a real breath of fresh air. This is also where the competitions are announced. These are regular events and in the last one I actually won a $2000 gift card! How’s that for a rewards system!

I have tried to cover most of the aspects of Portal Feeder but to be honest there is so much more. I strongly recommend you follow the link below and sign up on their announcements list as they are opening their doors again on the 31st March and last time the doors were only open 24 hrs before all the spots were taken so go check it out.

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